• Vernon Holt

Pastiche Frames

Early in 2020, I was given a pair of early 17thC Italian frames, that required a little work to allow them to be hung. These frames are among the very finest that had ever come through my hands... smitten I was.

My client very kindly allowed me to study the frames, over a few weeks, I took measurements, observed how they has been painted all those centuries before.

I regularly paint frames as part of the work I do, however this was a whole new ball game, because I really wanted an impression of these original frames for myself.

The mouldings were not commercially available, so my frames are made from plain pine, with several additional mouldings added on to it.

I have named these frames, 'Pastiche' and the first were a matching pair called 'Siena' after the city, its believed the originals had come from.

They are the same size, width and as freely painted.

In total, they took over 30 hours to make.

Last year, they had their first outing at the glorious Firle Estate Garden Show, in October.

Feedback received has spurred me on to create more. Of which I feel it is definitely where I am happy to be.

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